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    We are an architectural studio located in Norway, provding high-quality designs and services.
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New House Designs Studio

About Us

New House Designs was created by a young group of innovative architects that work together to generate a synergy of concepts. We are really devoted, and our goal is to help create a better building environment. We feel that in this area, innovation has a ton of potential and opportunities.

We consider architecture as a tool that promotes social behavior, economic income, and cultural influence in everyday life.

Here's what do our customers think about our services.

Our Services

a force for activating cities and reenergizing cultures


We help you set up, create, and manage even the smallest thing in your house, apartment, patio, and everything else you're looking forward to designing.


New House Designs shows its dedication to each project by ensuring that all parts of the idea are fully integrated and meet the needs of the customer.

Project Management

New House Designs is in charge of guiding the consulting team and supervising the contractors, as well as organizing and managing all aspects of the project.

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